Sport Law

Head of Department: Domenico Filosa


About the service

judicial and extrajudicial consultancy and assistance in connection with national and international sports law.


What We do

  • Legal and tax advice for the a.s.d. and sports clubs

  • Legal advice in the field of sports contracts and sponsorships

  • Consultancy and assistance regarding sports restrictions

  • Assistance in federal litigation

  • Assistance in anti-doping litigation

  • Advice on creating crowdfunding campaigns

  • Legal and tax advice for professional and amateur athletes.

Our clients

Amateur sports associations, sports clubs, athletes, sports attorneys, federations and sports promotion bodies.

Why Athena?

Sports law is a subject often to be treated at an international and interdisciplinary level. Athena is able to provide complete assistance both from a legal and fiscal point of view, in almost 50 countries worldwide, thanks also to the international network to which it belongs.

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