Accounting and payroll

Head of Department: Alberto Cantarello


About the service

Advice and assistance in accounting and payroll, including bookkeeping and payroll processing.


What We do

  • Bookkeeping for professionals, sole entrepreneurs, partnerships, corporations and non-commercial entities (Associations, Foundations)

  • Assistance to larger companies that keep accounting records internally

  • Budget preparation and analytical accounting system

  • Payroll processing and consequent obligations

  • Registration of companies and workers for social security and welfare purposes

  • Reconstruction of any differences in pay and contributions of workers

Our clients

Companies of any form (sole entrepreneurs, partnerships, corporations, cooperatives, consortia, holding companies). Employees, for the calculation of pay and contribution differences.

Why Athena?

Athena allows clients to have a single interlocutor for accounting and payroll processing activities. Athena's multidisciplinarity allows to assist companies even in the most complex activities arising from accounting and payroll.

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