International Law

Head of Department: Alberto Cantarello


About the service

Continuous advice and assistance, both on out-of-court and judicial matters, relating to company law, being them partnerships, corporations or cooperatives.


What We do

  • Assistance in all phases of the incorporation of any company and collective bodies (partnerships, corporations, cooperatives, consortia, joint ventures)

  • Negotiation and implementation of extraordinary transactions (mergers, demergers, transformations, transfers, both in Italy and abroad)

  • Ongoing assistance in corporate matters

  • Preparation of company reports and resolutions, with the possible appointment of one of our members as secretary of the meeting

  • Assistance at notarial meetings

  • Liquidation of companies

Our clients

Companies of any kind (sole trader business, partnerships, corporations, cooperatives, consortia, holding companies).

Why Athena?

Athena can count on professionals with decades of experience in the field of company law and on a multidisciplinary approach that consents to serve customers with complete assistance on various aspects of the most complex corporate transactions.

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