Intellectual property

Head of Department: Elena Moschella


About the service

Advice and assistance on patents, trademarks, design and copyright, nationally and internationally.


What We do

  • Preparation, filing and prosecution of patent applications, designs and models before the competent authorities until the granting or registration

  • Carrying out clearance searches on databases

  • Assisting clients in enforcing intellectual property rights against counterfeiters and in defense from actions based on the rights of others

  • Defense and representation before the competent authorities in matters of intellectual property

Our clients

entrepreneurs, partnerships and corporations and, in general, anyone who needs to protect their inventions, brands, designs and models.

Why Athena?

Athena has extensive experience in the field of trademarks, patents and litigation related to the fight against counterfeiting. Our experience and constant intervention on the international scene allow us to identify deposit, surveillance and intervention programs against falsification on a global scale.

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