Commercial law

Head of Department: Renzo Di Gregorio


About the service

Advice and assistance in out-of-court and judicial matters in the field of commercial law, from the entrepreneurial activity of the entrepreneur to the most articulated forms of corporate business activities.


What We do

  • Study of problems in the field of commercial law - consultancy in corporate matters for small and medium enterprises

  • Assistance in relations between companies

  • Liability actions against directors and auditors

  • Legal services for Italian and international companies

  • Drafting of agency, distribution, franchising and all commercial and corporate contracts

Our clients

Entrepreneurs, partnerships and corporations, cooperatives and any other form of business activity.

Why Athena?

Athena has a long and in-depth experience in the field of civil and commercial law. Thanks to the multidisciplinary approach to the subject, it is able to provide customers with complete assistance on every activity and business operation.

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