Stefano Faraoni

If you can dream it, you can do it.
— Walt Disney

Legal Department

He was born on 9th July, 1978, in Turin.

Graduated with honors from Law school at University of Turin.

He had been trained in Civil and Criminal matters in some very important firms in Turin before dedicating himself to the study of International Law and the knowledge of Common Law.

He is a member of the Turin Bar from 11th December 2006. He held a master of Business Lawyer, of International Trade Contracts and Digital Information Law. He teaches Legal English at Slig Education and cooperates with the University of Turin.

He deals with International Contracts, Business Counseling, Civil and Criminal Law, Company Law, Trust Law and International Inheritance.


When did you decide that this would be your profession?

When I was a Child. I always defended weakest ones. Actually, I understood the point of view of those who attacked, but I tried to help them to understand how to solve their problems.


What’s your opinion on the lawyer in the contemporary scene?

The lawyer is a help, a guide, a point person in any personal and business matter. He knows the rules and understands how to help you to achieve what you want.


Stefano Faraoni

Athena Founding partner and Director


When you are not at work, which are your hobbies?

Theatre, Singing, Extreme sports and Reading. 


What is your philosophy of customer care? 

Who is looking for me needs to be understood and helped resolving a problem, sleeping safely at night. 


Why should people choose Athena?

Athena is able to monitor any customer, person or entreprise, in every personal and professional matter. It can help people to achieve its intentions.